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The Ships...

A young Belfiore Deck Officer Gianni Belfiore Gianni Belfiore, Officer, at the age of 28.
The ships Michelangelo and Raffaello side by side in the Hudson River in New York (credits: photoship.co.uk)
Victoria (courtesy Gianni Belfiore)

... and the Music

G. Belfiore and J. Iglesias G. Belfiore and J. Iglesias Belfiore and Iglesias working together in the recording studios.
Gianni Belfiore interviewed by the Belgian television.
Gianni Belfiore and Julio Iglesias in Taormina in 2007
Gianni Belfiore's home on the slopes of Etna.
Certificate of Conformity of the house of Gianni Belfiore to the project "La Nave" by Le Corbusier, issued by Fondation Le Corbusier (Paris)

onda rossa fondo

"``Hey'' is perhaps Julio Iglesias' most memorable song of all time" Billboard (Sep.23, 2013)