Celebration 70 years Julio Iglesias - 40 years of career of Gianni Belfiore

Press conference on September 19, 2013 for the presentation of the gala "Celebration 70 years Julio Iglesias - 40 years of Gianni Belfiore's career" in Castelmola.

Video RAI TG2 Storie, Sep. 21,2013

Video RAI TG2 Storie (Italian national television), Sep. 21,2013. Gianni Belfiore appears from time 15:53.

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Eleonora Lavore Award - Remembering the talent of Eleonora

Eleonora Lavore Award

Here are two videos of the gala "Eleonora Lavore" Award in Gela, August 28, 2013, broadcast by Rete Chiara.

Uno Mattina (Italian national television), Feb.12, 2013 - Che Sanremo sarà?

The news, updates and atmosphere of the Sanremo Festival told by Elisa Isoardi and her guests in Sanremo.

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Interview with Mario Diani, Dec. 31, 2012

The radio commentator Mario Diani intervews Gianni Belfiore, addressing various topics: from life on board of the Italian transatlantics, to the world of music.

Video RAI TG1 (Italian national television) - interviews on Nov.30, 2012.

The journalist Franco Scarsella interviews Gianni Belfiore.

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Celebrating the 35 years of work together Belfiore - Iglesias.

Video made for the celebration of the 35 years of work of Gianni Belfiore together with Julio Iglesias (January 29, 2011).

Presentation of the album "Quanto costa essere donna"

Video of RAI Music (Italian national television) on Oct.26, 2010 for the presentation of the album "Quanto costa essere donna". Belfiore appears from the time 6 ': 20 ".

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Premio Aci e Galatea 2009

Gianluca Cannavò, Regional Councilor, awards the 2009 Aci and Galatea Prize to Gianni Belfiore.

Prize motivation: "Lyricist and composer of international success, and with just right the author of songs that better than all the others speak to the heart of the women; in his production more than 80 songs, most of which sensational international successes: the Classic style, his style, transmitted all over the world."

Gala Casteggio - 1998

Gianni Belfiore, guest in the Casteggio Gala, interviewed by the radio cmmentator Mario Diani.

At the end of the interview, Gianni Belfiore recites his lyrics "Due volte vent'anni" and "L'undici di cuori".

Gianni Belfiore also receives a lithography of the transatlantic "Michelangelo", the ship on which he was a Purser.

onda rossa fondo

"``Hey'' is perhaps Julio Iglesias' most memorable song of all time" Billboard (Sep.23, 2013)