Julio Iglesias

"In my opinion, Gianni Belfiore is one of the best lyricist ever existed in Italy in the last fifty years. He is very clever."
Julio Iglesias

This was asserted by Julio Iglesias, in the TV show "Sogno di una notte di mezza estate" presented by Fabrizio Frizzi, in order to explain to the audience how much he appreciates Gianni Belfiore.

Julio Iglesias y Mario Diani Julio Iglesias and Mario Diani

Shortly before, Julio Iglesias made a similar statement in an interview with the journalist Mario Diani.

The full video of the interview is available in YouTube.

Moreover, an excerpt is available - from Julio Iglesias' concert in Piazza San Marco, inn Venice in 2001 - in which the Spanish singer thanks Gianni Belfiore for all the beautiful songs Gianni wrote for him:

"Gianni, you are really kind! So many beautiful songs you wrote for me!"

Finally, an excerpt is available from Julio Iglesias' autobiography, in which the singer praises Gianni Belfiore

Autobiografia di Julio Iglesias Julio Iglesias' autobiography Cover and page in which Iglesias talks about Gianni Belfiore


Pupi Avati

Pupi Avati Pupi Avati

Here is the letter that the film director Pupi Avati has sent to Gianni Belfiore:

Dear Gianni Belfiore,

While reordering several letters, among the various documents that fill my office, I realized that I had never responded about the CD that you sent to me. I am referring to that delicate and important "Quanto costa essere donna", to that collection of songs that you have kindly wanted to send me so that I could listen to them. The harmonious voice of Victoria Siggillino sings songs whose lyrics are undoubtedly daring, absolutely unusual in Italian music. The ferocity of a suffered violation; homosexuality as a dilemma; the importance of understanding one another, not to use love as an excuse for revenge or slander; the desire for motherhood brought forth even with artificial methods; the crisis of the forty years in the couple ... I find in these songs a desire for denunciation united with the desire to continue to sing love, despite its various and special forms. Maybe this is the beginning of a new research in music, a route so tortuous as - in my opinion - important to go. It may even be necessary for the full maturity of modern music.

Warm regards,
Pupi Avati

Iva Zanicchi

Iva Zanicchi Arrivederci padre Cover of the album "Arrivederci padre"

Listen to the intervew that Iva Zanicchi did with the radio commentator Mario Diani.
In the interview, Iva Zanicchi talks, amongst other things, about the Gianni Belfiore's song that she interpreted in the Sanremo Italian Song Festival in 1977: "Arrivederci padre".

Moira Orfei

Moira Orfei Moira Orfei

Listen to the intervew that Moira Orfei did with the radio commentator Mario Diani.

Luciano Tajoli

Luciano Tajoli Luciano Tajoli Luciano Tajoli interviewed by Mario Diani

Listen to the intervew that Luciano Tajoli, Italian singer and actor, did with the radio commentator Mario Diani.

onda rossa fondo

"``Hey'' is perhaps Julio Iglesias' most memorable song of all time" Billboard (Sep.23, 2013)